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Health Tips

The Truth About Soy

By 08/07/2008May 23rd, 2017No Comments

The Truth About Soy

With the explosion in popularity (and curiosity) surrounding soy, there’s no surprise that confusion has arisen about how effectively it contributes to good health. So, to put the record straight, here is the good, the bad and the truth about soy.

What exactly is soy?

All soy starts as three very plain beans in a pod. There are many variations in the bean size and a vast array of colours of flower and pod, but it is a hardy crop that can grow in temperate climates. The versatile soybean can be eaten raw, soaked, boiled, roasted, fermented, inoculated, dried or flaked, its isoflavones and proteins isolated, its oil extracted, its hulls processed, and
its seeds and germ ground into flour.

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