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Health Tips

Organic Food

By 30/05/2008May 23rd, 2017No Comments

Organic Food

Organic food has come a long way from the odd-looking morsels that we used to see labelled as ‘organic.’ these days, integrating organics into your diet is easier than ever. Here’s how to ensure you gain the biggest bang for your organic buck.

LAST YEAR, the largest ever study into organics concluded that organic food is more nutritious than its non-organic counterparts. The Newcastle University study found that organic vegetable crops contained up to 40 per cent more beneficial compounds and organic milk contained over 90 per cent more nutrients than conventionally produced milk. The researchers created two identical farms; one using conventional farming practices and the other managed organically. Thirty-three academic centres across Europe participated in this four year project, where the resounding conclusion was that the organic produce contained higher levels of compounds thought to boost health and combat disease. Professor Carlo Leifert, the coordinator of the European-funded project said that the differences were so marked that organic produce would help to increase the nutrient intake of people not eating the recommended five portions a day of fruit and vegetables. He said, ‘If you have just 20 per cent more antioxidants and you can’t get your kids to do five a day, then you might just be okay with four a day.’

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