Zoe Bingley-Pullin is a nutritionist, mother, chef and founder of Nutritional Edge, a nutritional consultancy company based in Sydney.

She is passionate about food and has a self acclaimed love affair with food. Her passion for food has empowered her to help many people embrace the benefits of food through education. By improving people’s knowledge and understanding of food, she believes they’re able to create and sustain a healthier and more delicious life and their very own love affair with food.

Zoe’s love affair with food started at a very young age at home where she found comfort in cooking.

It was her time spent in the South of France that truly ignited a passion for food. Zoe immersed herself in Provencal culture and uncovered a sensual side to food where produce was fresh and seasonal and cooking was uncomplicated and nourishing to the body and soul.

Today, Zoe is committed to helping others improve their relationship with food and find the balance that works for them.

To impart the lessons Zoe has learnt about looking at food in a positive manner and nourishing from the inside out, she created her online Falling in Love with Food 8-week Program. The Program teaches people how to have a loving attitude towards food for life and shows how health eating can be both delicious and beneficial to health.

Having spent the past 5 years as co-host of Channel Ten’s Good Chef Bad Chef and through regular appearances on Studio 10, Zoe values having the opportunity to share her food philosophy to the nation and motivate others to get excited about food and give cooking a go.

As a passionate writer, Zoe has released two cookbooks, Eat Taste Nourish (2009) and Falling in Love with Food (2016).

Zoe was the food editor for the Fitness First Magazine and is a regular contributor to Body and Soul, Rescu, Sporteluxe, Huffington Post, Women’s Health and Fitness, Vogue and Harper’s BAZAAR.  Zoe has also worked with many companies including Vitasoy, Only about Children, Woolworths and SunRice to help strengthen their message around living a healthier lifestyle.

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