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Health Tips

Get An Instant Energy Hit – Without Sugar

By 26/02/2014May 23rd, 2017No Comments

While the warm weather encourages us to get outside and exercise, if we’re stuck indoors the heat can also sap our energy levels. Follow these easy tips for an instant, guilt-free energy boost – with added value!

1. Breathe easy

If your energy is flagging, but you’ve not long eaten, an easy way to pep yourself up is to take a number of deep breaths. Breathe in for a count of six, out for account of 12. Aim to do this six times. Not only will this increase oxygen flow to your brain and muscles, it also gives you a much-needed mini-meditation!

2. Know your nuts

Carry small packs of plain, healthy nuts for an instant energy boost on the go. Nuts are high in nutrients, but also in calories, so rather than eat straight from the bag, prepare your own mini-packs. As a guide, go for six almonds, cashews or mixed nuts;10 peanuts; four halved pecans; five walnuts and;12 pistachios. The recommended serving of nuts is a small handful or 30g.

3. Whey to go!

Whey protein is a great way of helping you feel full, and providing your body with essential nutrients. Try one of the five fabulous flavours from IsoWhey® in a smoothie – scientifically formulated, gluten-free, and containing important pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes for good gut health, as well as 23vitamins and minerals.

4. Carry a melon

Baby had the right idea in the movie Dirty Dancing! Melons are chock-full of nutrients and provide a sweet hit when you need it. Add 2 tbsp. of plain yoghurt or a serving of nuts with melon for a healthy and low GI snack. A one-cup serving of honeydew melon contains 51 per cent of your daily vitamin C needs!

5. Mmm-mousse!

If you’ve got a little more time, make a healthy mousse alternative by blending together a small banana, ¼ avocado, a tablespoon of raw cacao powder and a little water.

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