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Having travelled a lot for both work and pleasure I am aware of how different travel can be with a child. Finding a place that ticks all of the boxes including being child friendly and relaxing at the same time, not to mention, full of amazing food experiences can be tricky to. Bali is the place that ticks all of my boxes! Here I share with you my top picks when in Bali!


When selecting a travel destination, food is always a big preference! The food in Bali forever excites my love for food and I always leave Bali feeling inspired to recreate similar tastes at home. Some of my go-to food stops in Bali include:

Betelnut Café

This café is fantastic for both healthy and tasty food. The menu is sprawled with fresh and creative dishes from acai bowls and fresh fruit smoothies to tempeh salad bowls and wraps packed with plant-based ingredients.

The Shady Shack

Similar to Betelnut Café, this cafe has a menu full of fresh and tasty dishes. I like to stop in for a green smoothie bowl on my way to pilates or a busy day exploring the sights of Bali.

Milk and Madu Café

 This café is a child friendly spot to dine in Bali. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a very casual vibe. For a relaxing end to the day, sit back with loved ones and enjoy a few share plates off the menu.

Ji Japanese

 If wanting a special dinner, my pick has to be, Ji Restaurant. It’s an amazing Japanese restaurant with an innovative menu and great view.

The Slow

The Slow is newly opened luxury accommodation in Bali and is home to another dining spot. If searching for a contemporary take on ingredient-focused dining, this is the place to dine.


 If looking for some experiences and activities to fill your time in Bali, I highly recommend:

Market Day – Hotel Tugu

 Hotel Tugu is the host of a fantastic market day. This involves a morning exploring the local markets picking up fresh ingredients, followed by a hands-on cooking class. This is a great way to experience the local cuisine and learn a few tips and tricks to bring back home.

Day Spa – Hotel Tugu

If looking for the ultimate place to relax and take time out for yourself, you must visit the Hotel Tugu day spa. There are a number of treatments on their spa menu, including traditional Balinese rituals. I guarantee you will leave feeling rejuvenated.

Cultural Dance – Hotel Tugu

Hotel Tugu offers a free cultural dance on Thursday nights. It’s a must see for anyone who wants to experience the culture of Bali and is a great part of a fun night out.

Echo Beach Sunset Fish BBQ

To make the most of the generous sun sets in Bali, I recommend stopping by The Beach House Restaurant, to enjoy a fish BBQ whilst watching the sun set on the beach.

Children Friendly

My top pick of activities to do with children in Bali are:

The Bali Equestrian Centre

A morning or afternoon at the Bali Equestrian Centre is a heap of fun for the whole family. You can book in for lessons, tours or children’s activities. The riding facilities are beautiful and the grounds have a café and pool also.

Water Slides

A number of hotels have water slides and there are also lots of water parks to visit. The water slides suit all ages so are a great experience for the whole family. The parks can be on the expensive side, my advice is watch out for deals or go online and buy tickets at a cheaper rate in advance.


For my experience travelling to Bali, if looking for a nanny, I highly recommend going through an agency or using a nanny recommended by a friend. Using an agency or a trusted and tried nanny can help to guarantee they are properly suited for the job.

Exercise and Meditation

Whilst in Bali I make sure to keep up with my active lifestyle but also pay attention to relaxing the mind. Thankfully, there are so many great places to practice pilates. A close friend of mine offers private classes, which are a great option, or I recommend asking locals about the best studios and classes. For both pilates and mediation, I go to The Practice in Canguu which also offers yoga classes.

The Bali Healing Centre is another great spot to visit, it can be hard to find a spiritual healer to fit exactly what you are after, however, I have had some great experiences here.


I honestly can say that I no longer go to Bali to shop, I find the prices in Canggu are similar to Sydney prices. That’s not to say there are some great finds in Bali, if you are on the hunt!


Healthy Flying

A few tips I always follow when flying include:

  • Taking enough water to keep hydrated – I often fill a water bottle with coconut water, I find this to be very hydrating for Emily
  • I always carry a container with nuts and blueberries in it to snack on as well as a good quality vegetable and protein based squeeze bottle for Emily – nothing worse then traveling with Cranky kids! I find having snacks on hand makes sure to tie Emily over until we reach the hotel.

I have flown a few airlines to Bali and have found that Garuda Indonesia offer a really great flying experience.

The people of Bali are absolutely gorgeous and are a big part of why Bali is one of my favourite places to Travel. If you haven’t travelled to Bali before, it’s important to not be naive to some elements of travel in Bali and be sure to have some level to street smart to make sure you have a very memorable stay!