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World Water Day 2013: How Shortages Affect Women, Kids, Hunger (And What You Can Do)

By 27/03/2013May 23rd, 2017No Comments

The Huffington Post By Jessica Prois & Eleanor Goldberg

The global water crisis isn’t just about simple supply and demand — it’s an issue related to women’s rights, global development and preventable deaths.

As the world population swells to over 7 billion people, and the demand for fresh water continues to grow with it, global leaders have called for greater innovation, advocacy and solutions, which is why this year’s World Water Day has been dedicated to the theme of “cooperation.”

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We Use How Much Water? Scary Water Footprints, Country by Country

By A.K. Streeter

A country’s water footprint, as opposed to simple water use, is the total amount of H2O needed for the production of goods and services. Figuring out a country’s water footprint means adding all the water used plus the water inherent in products imported, then minus the water in exports. Using this top-down method, the average water footprint in the world is 1,243 cubic meters a year. As you already might have guessed, in the U.S. we are water hogs – we use more than twice the world average, or 2,500 cubic meters. That’s equivalent to an Olympic-sized swimming pool for each and every one of us, or 2.5 million liters each. The Chinese, to compare, use 700 cubic meters annually. Read on for the water burden of American beef eating, Italian pasta slurping and India’s vegetarianism.

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