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Health Tips

Winding down the year, tips for feeling fresh not frazzled!

By 28/11/2016May 23rd, 2017No Comments

With the start of December just days away we are well and truly entering the wind down phase of the year. Some of us power through this phase with holidays in sight. However, others feel like they have already worked a full year and are ready to switch off! If this is how you are feeling, here are some tips to help you ease through the rest of the year feeling fresh and not frazzled!

Maintain normal eating patterns

The festival season usually involves celebration after celebration, which can throw out healthy eating routines. This year, try sticking to your normal eating pattern most of the time and enjoy the festiveness in moderation. This means starting the day with a protein, complex-carbohydrate and healthy fat containing breakfast, packing satiating snacks to enjoy between meals and aiming for ½ plate vegetables at lunch and dinner. Keep it simple and focus on fresh wholesome produce.

Let go of the ‘all or nothing’ mind set

Letting go of this mindset will help keep you on track and support your body through the wind down. Avoid feeling guilt if you overindulge in one less than ideal meal, enjoy the treat and get back on track at your next meal. The all or northing mindset creates an unnecessary snowball effect and can leave you feeling uninspired and lacking motivation to get back on track.

Don’t forget the protein

A lot of festive party food is high in refined carbohydrates and trans fats and low in protein. Protein is an important macronutrient for both energy and satiety so pay attention to intake while in party mode. Aim for a protein rich snack pre-party such as a handful of raw almonds, cottage cheese and vegetable dip, yoghurt with berries or a boiled egg and hummus with carrot.

Maintain hydration

Hydration is important to stay clear in the mind and focused. The mix of summer heat and alcohol fuelled celebrations is a dehydrating combination. Wake up and drink a large glass of water, if drinking have a sparkling water between drinks and finish the day with a final large glass of water.

Prioritise Nutrient Density

When cut short on time or when not in control of food, nutrient dense meals may slip off the menu. To make sure you are suppling your body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to power on, have a daily vegetable juice or make a juice from a green powder to supplement your diet.


It goes without saying; daily movement is beneficial for the mind, body and soul. There is no better time than now to schedule in daily movement. Exercise can be used as a stress reliever and refresher between all of the Christmas chaos. It is the ideal way to ‘switch off’ and be in the present moment. You will thank yourself for keeping up with movement when the New Year rolls around!