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With the end of year fast approaching, many of us are entering party season! Here are my top tips to help you keep up your healthy routine and still celebrate positively!


 Eat a healthy breakfast – how you start the day food wise will more or less set the tone for the rest of the day. Eating breakfast is a great way to stabilise blood sugar levels and prevent us from grazing and snacking all day. If you have an event at lunch or later into the afternoon, it’s all the more important to have a balanced breakfast. Some good options include; bircher muesli with grated pear and yoghurt, multigrain toast with cottage cheese, avocado and tomato or omelette with spinach and feta.

When at an event, avoid canapés high in trans fats such as spring rolls and opt for avocado and salmon sushi or fresh prawns, both contain good fats and protein, which will help you feel full and stabilise blood sugar levels.

 Don’t starve yourself in anticipation of a party, eat a snack late in the day high in protein such leftover chicken with salad, rice paper rolls, egg and avocado wrap, raw nuts or yoghurt with LSA.


Make sure to eat before or during drinking as consuming alcohol on an empty stomach destabilises blood-sugar levels and causes dips in energy. This then creates a greater desire for more alcohol as a pick me up!

Before reaching for alcohol, have a glass of mineral water to hydrate.

Don’t be afraid to take your own non-alcoholic beverages to have instead of alcohol or in-between drinks such as kombucha or sparkling coconut water.

Have healthy food in the fridge at home for breakfast the following day such as eggs, avocado, fruit and yoghurt. Eating will help to replenish lost electrolytes and stabilise blood sugar levels.


Let of the all or nothing mindset, as this will only increase the risk of overdoing it and feeling poorly the next day.

Let go of any guilt following an indulgence, its healthy to indulgence in moderation especially if your day-to-day routine is healthy, your body can handle it!

Avoid stretching yourself too thin and saying yes to everything, this time of year is to be enjoyed, not stressed over! Pick according to which event/s you will get the most enjoyment from.