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Health Tips

The new term “Diabesity” and treating all Fathers to a healthy and Happy Father’s Day!

By 31/08/2015May 23rd, 2017No Comments

Correctly deemed a ‘heath scare’ Diabesity is a new term coined by the National Institute for Health making the rounds. This term essentially highlights obesity as a leading cause and risk factor for the increasing rise in type 2 diabetes. This is especially being seen in children. Whilst we detailed the ins and outs of diabetes during Diabetes Awareness Week, special family events such as Father’s Day become a timely reminder that our health and the health of loved ones means everything. An encouraging aspect of type 2 diabetes is that it can be prevented and awareness is always the first step. Small changes day to day can make the biggest difference and greatest impact when talking prevention. It’s often about finding healthier alternatives to the not so healthy behaviours we love.

Let’s be honest, yummy food is a big part of Father’s Day and undoubtedly at the top of most fathers wish list. However, while fathers do know best most of the time, when it comes to their pick of celebration foods, they may be none the wiser!

To celebrate the unsung heroes in our lives, give a Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving in the form of health. Breakfast is a great place to start, see my ‘make-over’ of traditional Father’s Day favourites which will be sure to impress the whole family this Father’s Day.

Traditional FavouritesHealthier Alternatives
Sunday fry-up consisting of white bread, fried eggs, bacon, sausages and mushroomsSourdough toast with smashed avocado, prosciutto, tomato and poached egg
Shake and Bake pancake mix with honey and creamBanana Buckwheat pancakes with yoghurt and passionfruit (try my recipe below)


Bacon and Egg breakfast muffin/wrapWholegrain/spelt wrap topped with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, dill and tzatziki
Bowl of cereal with fruitApple and blueberry Bircher muesli – make a big batch which the whole family can enjoy

Yummy Treat Ideas

Gift ideas marketed for Father’s Day are often overloaded with refined sugars and artificial flavours.   Instead of being lured in by shiny wrapping, tempt your father with some healthy delights which won’t let the taste buds go astray. After all,

healthy, but yum treats are the best way to spoil Dad, try making my dark chocolate ginger (recipe below) as a special surprise. I guarantee there is no need for shiny wrapping, as these treats won’t last long!

Remember the gift of health is the best gift we can give, our fathers often inspire and shape who we become. The best way to give back is to be a healthy inspiration and inspire your father to achieve the greatest health possible this Father’s Day and many more to come!

For the dads who want to improve their health and their cooking skills, buy him a subscription to my 8-week online program Falling In Love With Food, starting October 4th. Email me for more details.


Banana Buckwheat Pancakes with Passionfruit Yoghurt



  • 3 organic eggs, beaten
  • 1 banana, mashed
  • 1 cup buckwheat flour
  • 1 cup organic milk (or almond/coconut)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • pinch salt
  • coconut oil for frying


  • 200g thick natural yoghurt
  • 1 cup fresh passionfruit pulp
  • honey for drizzling, optional



  1. Combine all dry ingredients into a bowl with the mashed banana, mix well
  2. Add in wet ingredients and stir well until combined
  3. Heat a frying pan over medium heat, add coconut oil and 1 tbsp batter into the pan, once the top surface has started to bubble, flip the pancake and cook the other side, repeat
  4. Top pancakes with natural yoghurt, passionfruit pulp and optional honey to drizzle

Dark Chocolate Ginger


  • 10-12 pieces dried ginger (use dried fruit eg dates if preferred)
  • 150g dark chocolate (70-90% cocoa), broken into pieces
  • ½ cup coconut cream
  • ½ cup flaked almonds


  1. Place chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (or melt in the microwave), stir in coconut cream
  2. Pick up a piece of ginger using a skewer and dip into the chocolate mixture, roll in almond flakes
  3. Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper, repeat with remaining ginger
  4. Transfer ginger to the fridge until set, enjoy!