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Health Tips

The Importance of and Thank you to Local Whole Food Suppliers!

By 06/06/2016May 23rd, 2017No Comments

To pay it forward I am sharing with you my favourite whole food suppliers who I rely upon to keep up my healthy lifestyle and allow me to feel comfort in the food I am cooking with and sharing with family and friends. On a further exciting note, the below whole food suppliers lent a helping hand in ensuring I was able to feature and be proud of the quality of produce used in the cooking and filming of my upcoming cookbook recipes and forever evolving Falling in Love with Food Program!

 Lettuce Deliver Organics

Lettuce Deliver Organics is based in Sydney and specialise in the delivery of top quality certified organic, Australian grown fruit and vegetables. As an added bonus they also stock certified organic meats, chicken, milk, bread and groceries all delivered directly to your door. Lettuce Deliver Organics are family owned and incredibly passionate about the produce they supply and supporting the growers who nurture the food we eat! I admire Lettuce Deliver Organics work towards a sustainable Australia through promoting and allowing certified organic produce to be more accessible! Read more here.

Field to Fork 

Field to Fork are based in Bondi, Sydney and are passionate about delivering fresh, grass-fed, free-range products direct from the farm to Bondi daily. I am a huge fan of the farm to table philosophy and appreciate Field to Fork’s commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices. I also feel confident in the meat available at Field and Fork and know it’s making a difference to my health and the health of my family. Read more here.

Oceana Traders

Oceana Traders are my go to for the freshest and most delicious seafood! When it comes to seafood, quality and freshness are critical. Oceana Traders are family owned and proudly only sell produce they would be proud to serve to family and friends. Oceana Traders home deliver or you can check out their fresh daily catch at over 17 market stalls each month. Read more here.

Cobram Estate

Cobram Estate Olive oil is an Australian based olive oil brand bringing you olive oil straight from the groves in the Murray River Valley. Cobram Estate has a passion for olive oil and from tree to table nurture their fruit to create healthy antioxidant rich extra virgin olive oils. I love the selection available within the Cobram Estate range from everyday essential classic to infusions, superior and even their limited edition olive oil. Undoubtedly, they have your olive oil needs covered! Olive oil is used on a daily basis in my household so I never compromise on quality and always pick Cobram Estate.  Read more here.


Vitasoy is all about delivering the worlds highest quality and best tasting healthy plant-based milks including soy, oat, rice, coconut and almond. The reason I pick Vitasoy is because they use Australian grown non-GM whole soybeans, Australian grown whole almonds, real coconuts, non-GM brown rice and whole oats in their products. I love the creamy texture and taste of Vitasoy plant-based milks and feel pleasure in knowing I am enjoying whole foods when I use Vitasoy products. Read more here.