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Health Tips

The Benefits of Belonging to a Community When it Comes to Reaching Your Health Goals!

By 11/01/2016May 23rd, 2017No Comments

Unlike decadent desserts, life-changing goals and hard earned achievements are much better shared! In fact, its understandable that belonging to a group can make reaching your goals a much easier and more enjoyable ride. Being part of an online ‘community’ or ‘tribe,’ as I like to call it is motivating, full stop! And thanks to technology, just like any good recipe, this can be modified to suit. More and more people are turning towards online communities to help reach their health goals and this might just be the secret recipe for success.

It’s all in the commitment…..

We all have health goals but why do some of us smash out personal bests yet others quit at the start line?

Research has shown conflicting and oversimplified health information and lack of quick results are among the reasons people fail to follow life-style plans. When desired results don’t come quick enough we may be inclined to think the plan is not working and pull the plug returning to old habits. In this light, a little reassurance from others can prevent deviations from the plan and keep us on track.

Benefits of Belonging…

Whilst there is nothing wrong with flying solo when talking motivation, researchers have cottoned on to the sensation of belonging and moral support that being part of a community offers, specifically:

  • People feel more secure when they know that they have others around them who share their goals and care about their progress
  • A simple relationship between people (such as shared goals or interests) is enough to increase feelings of warmth and motivation; and
  • Ultimately people seem wired to adopt the goals of the people around them
  • Health communities provide accountability for reaching health-related goals
  • The comfort of emotional support does not go astray and is a huge factor for individuals joining

Overall long-term investment and commitment are required to stick to plans and commitment requires motivation. That’s why realising your progress is on track just like other community members sets you up for success and enough momentum to see you kicking goals!

Group Insights…

A favourite part of my Falling in Love with Food Program is the online Tribe where members connect. With my Tribe we’ve experienced as a community the benefits of falling in love with food. In fact, it’s become second nature for FILWF Tribe members to:

  • Share scrumptious recipes, new ideas, tips and tricks to make healthy living a breeze
  • Congratulate each other on successes
  • Show how a deviation from a plan is not a failure but instead a lesson
  • Be confident to ask questions, which we might think are silly but later learn we are all thinking it!
  • Find inspiration in the sharing of ideas by others
  • Admit to fears and temptations and learn ways to overcome
  • Acknowledge that no body is perfect and there is no better feeling than knowing we can get back on track!
  • Know someone is always listening and more than likely going through the same patterns of behaviours or thought processes

Signing up for success…

If you’re feeling held back from achieving your health goals or simply suffering a case of lost mojo, it might be time to ask yourself why? Is a lack of commitment stopping you from progressing? Do you thrive on accountability but have none? Or are you lacking inspiration and fresh ideas? Joining a like-minded health-focused community provides the answer to all of these questions. If you haven’t previously thought about it, the perfect time might be now. Picturing the type of community which would best suit maybe your next step towards healthy success!

My Falling In Love With Food program provides a weekly plan, recipes, shopping lists, food diary and access to an online community which provides the resources needed and teaches the foundations of how to create a healthy routine. To find out more, head over to