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This week is Keep Australia Beautiful Week, a really important reminder that we can all do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. This doesn’t have to mean taking drastic action, there are so many simple things we can do daily to make a difference.

Understandably, this years theme is preventing the spread of litter especially in light of the increased use of face masks, gloves, single-use and take away containers since COVID-19. Read some tips here.

As a nutritionist and chef, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because it’s where I feel most creative but it’s also a place where a lot of waste can occur! Over the years I have found way to cut back on waste and am slowly trying to create a more sustainable kitchen!

In honour of Keep Australia Beautiful Week, here are some simple tips to help cut back on kitchen waste, some you have likely heard before but at the very least, I hope they can act as a reminder of what you can do to help the environment:

  • Avoid buying fruit and veggies wrapped in plastic
  • Take your own mesh or paper bags to put fruit and veggies in at the supermarket
  • Avoid single serve where possible – yoghurt, ice blocks, juice, nuts/seeds, popcorn and instead package into re-useable containers
  • Put yoghurt into reuseable pouches for kids lunchboxes
  • Purchase a set of BPA free or glass containers to store leftovers in rather than using cling wrap
  • Try beeswax paper instead of cling wrap or alfoil
  • Invest in a compost bin and also make sure to separate regular waste from recycling
  • Do smaller shops – too often we have eyes bigger then our belly and load up on food but arrive at the end of the week with a lot of food waste. If safe and convenient for you, doing smaller shops may be a good way to only purchase what you need.
  • Do a regular pantry audit – too often is food lurking at the back of our pantries going off! Make sure to regularly assess what is in your pantry and aim to use it by its expiry, the same goes for the freezer.
  • Buy second hand if appropriate rather than always opting for brand new
  • If you haven’t already invested in a keep cup, now is the time!
  • Try using a wooden cleaning brush instead of disposable sponges
  • Invest in cotton dish cloths rather then disposable chux and wipes
  • Use a stainless steel tea basket strainer with loose leaf tea, rather than tea bags
  • Grown your own food where possible – even if just herbs on the kitchen sill!
  • Support brands and businesses who use recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging – vote with your dollar!
  • eat more plants – not only better for our health but also the environment!