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Health Tips

Quinoa Bread… A cut above the rest!

By 05/03/2012May 23rd, 2017No Comments

Another healthy bread option on the market is quinoa bread. The quinoa grain, which native to Central/South America and has recently been ‘rediscovered’ is regarded as the least allergenic of the grains. It is gluten- free and very easy to digest, and it is also one of the highest protein grains you can eat, packed with a massive variety of amino acids.

Why eat quinoa?

Naturally Glutenfree is a bakery that makes quinoa bread that has no soy, nuts, preservatives, artificial flavours, oils or any animal products.

Who can eat it?

Anyone can eat and enjoy quinoa bread, but it is particularly good for people who have coeliac disease or high sensitivity to gluten. Quinoa is also so high in protein it is a great grain for vegetarians or pregnant women who are trying to include more protein in their diet.

The small things count:

This quinoa bread can have an extended refrigerated shelf life, so you don’t take up precious freezer space. The easy-to-slice and a non-crumbly texture makes the bread easy to use for sandwiches.

Where can you buy it?

Quinoa bread is being distributed through- out healthfood shops, delis and organic/ natural grocers. Naturally Glutenfree also offer a mail-order service if you can’t make it to an outlet.

How much does it cost?

On average, the products retail from $7 to $8 per loaf. Compared to other mainstream gluten-free breads available in the supermarkets this is very competitive, even without considering the quality or the range.