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If you are jet-setting overseas to warmer lands or taking some time out over the upcoming June/July holidays and are in need of a true break, here I am sharing how to actually recharge and reset your nervous system.

Be Alcohol Conscious
Not meaning to be a wet blanket, but alcohol can be a major drain on our health and nervous system. Not only does it deplete nervous system supportive B-vitamins, but it can also lead to dehydration and negatively influence food choices and behaviour. Post drinking, we are more likely to lay around and consume fried and stodgy foods. A drink to socialise and celebrate is no issue but if done day in day out, in excess, this can leave us feeling exhausted and lacking vitality upon our return home. Aim to drink in moderation and find enjoyment in non-alcoholic beverages such as yummy mocktails. Make sure to hydrate between drinks and enjoy a protein rich snack before drinking.

Nourish thy body
Rather than giving yourself a license to overindulge only to return from holidays feeling blah, instead choose nourishment. Nourishment certainly doesn’t mean missing out on the yum stuff. It means, balancing your diet in a way that will best support your health. A few ideas include:

  • Start the day with a healthy breakfast including a serve of veggies – this will help to set the tone for the day ahead. If eating at a buffet opt for egg white omelettes, avocado on toast or fresh fruit with yoghurt, nuts/seeds;
  • Eat regularly to avoid reaching for convenience options. To help out, pack healthy snacks such as raw nuts, roasted seaweed, roasted chickpeas and protein powder.
  • Order a side salad or side of veggies if meal options are lacking fresh produce. This will help with nutrient density.
  • Maintain some form of eating regime based off your daily life so you can easily get back into routine without added stress.
  • Try new foods – feeling inspired by our food brings joy which reduces stress!

Schedule in Solo Time
When travelling with others and being in their company it can mean we are ‘switched on’ 24/7. If you are more of an introvert and like to recharge alone, try to take some time away from the group. This could be as simple as going to a massage, walk in green space or finding a spot to read a book. Be ok with needing your own peace and quiet.

Remove Distractions
To truly have a break, it’s important to disconnect from distractions. This might mean putting your phone on plane mode or signing out of social media. Try to tie up loose ends (work and personal) before leaving so these don’t creep into your holiday time.

Let go of expectations
Holidays usually come with some expectations. If things don’t go to plan or aren’t what you had imagined, don’t sweat the small stuff and keep things in perspective. Let go of how things should play out and find fun in adapting to the unexpected. A major cause of stress on holidays is the expectation that we will stick to a ‘diet’ – however, this can really affect our mood and enjoyment. Let go of control and know that your body can handle a few extra indulgences.

Be ok with down time
If you are used to racing around in your day-to-day life and actually lazing about feels foreign to you, let go of any guilt and give in! We need down time to replenish and relax, your body will tell you when it’s time to move. Go with the flow and find peace in being still.

Factor in mindfulness
If mindfulness works for you in your daily life, keep up with this routine while on holidays. Easy practices which can be done in a hotel room or when on holidays include:

  • Meditation using an app
  • deep diaphragmatic breathing by the beach or overlooking a nice view
  • alternate nostril breathing on the hotel bed
  • getting out in the sunshine and laying on the grass with your bare feet touching the earth

Wishing everyone happy and healthy holidays!