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Health Tips

Fluid or Fibre – Which is the best for Constipation?

By 22/05/2013May 23rd, 2017No Comments

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) May 07 – Fibre is considered the secret to staying “regular,” but a large new study finds that people who got plenty of fluids were the least likely to suffer constipation.

The results highlight the importance of hydration, but shouldn’t discount fibre or other lifestyle factors, according to lead author Dr. Alayne Markland of the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centre in Birmingham, Alabama.

“I still think that diet, fibre, exercise and increased fluid should remain the recommendations,” Dr. Markland told Reuters Health.

Estimates of how many people regularly experience constipation are as high as 14% worldwide, but they range widely. How researchers define the problem and ask people about it are partly to blame for inconsistent responses, Dr. Markland’s team wrote April 9th in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.