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Health Tips

Eating healthy on holidays: Winter Getaways and how to keep your diet on track

By 20/06/2016May 23rd, 2017No Comments

It is almost that time of year when many of us escape the cool Winter for warmer days overseas or simply seek a Winter hideaway on local shores. Whatever your holiday destination is this Winter, it is possible to keep up your healthy routine and below I am sharing exactly how!

Balanced Beginnings

We all know what we eat for breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day, so make it count! And remember most hotels are near supermarkets so purchasing a healthy breakfast to have in the room or on route to the day’s activities, is easily in reach.

Eating in: yoghurt with no-sugar added muesli and fresh fruit, yoghurt with protein powder and fresh fruit, wholegrain toast with avocado and feta cheese or boiled eggs – try booking a room with a kitchenette to allow for a little cooking.

Eating out: opt for natural yoghurt with fruit, boiled/poached eggs with toast, avoid sugary cereal and scrambled eggs, often lurking with cream. Keep portion sized in check at breakfast to avoid feeling over-full and grazing all day.

 Eating Out

Putting down the chef’s apron and eating out, is one of my favourite things to do whilst away. And as much as I love food, I equally want to eat out without the guilt! I believe in moderation and having rules only makes you want what you cannot have, when picking from the menu, I always opt for what will make me feel good, such as:

  • Fresh seafood, sashimi and salad, clear Asian soups and always a side of vegetables for my daily greens
  • Limiting deep fried dishes, creamy soups, sauces and pastas and dishes low in protein
  • Selecting sorbet, cheese plates, traditional gelato and light biscotti as an after dinner treat


Routines change on holidays but continuing to have healthy snacks on hand prevents overeating at meal times so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. My go-to snacks are: fresh fruit, raw nuts and seeds, natural yoghurt, vegetables and dips, brown rice crackers and nut butter, fresh vegetable juices or fruit based smoothies.

Plane Trips

 When embarking on a long haul flight we can feel powerless when it comes to food options. But this not need be the case, some healthy ideas include:

  • Order the vegetarian meal option
  • Pack a protein rich satiating snack such as nuts and seeds
  • Eat well before you fly – have a protein and vegetable rich meal such as a chicken salad or vegetable soup and boiled eggs
  • Eat as you would normally eat – continue to eat very 3-4 hours as opposed to grazing the whole flight
  • Maintain adequate hydration – continually sip water during the flight
  • Pack a green powder to mix into water mid flight


Most of us go on holidays with intent to rest. So make rest work for you. Whilst away, stick to your regular sleep/wake cycle as this will assist energy levels throughout the day. Try leaving the curtains open to wake in natural light and keeping the same before bed routine.


Thankfully most holidays involve some level of moment, whether it be walking around and exploring, walking to restaurants or sight seeing. Try to keep up daily movement when away, this will make it easier to get back into your routine when home.