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Health Tips

Bread Benefits

By 25/09/2008May 23rd, 2017No Comments

Bread Benefits

The role of bread in a healthy diet has been controversial over recent years. But many are enjoying the benefits it brings when the right variety is chosen.

Sonoma bread – coveted by some of Australia’s leading restaurants – is the brainchild of Fitness First member, Andrew Connole and his family.

Sonoma bread is naturally evened sourdough that uses a natural starter instead of commercial yeast. What this means is that Sonoma loaves can be an excellent healthy bread choice, as they are made using only fermented flour and water as the natural leven that makes the bread rise.

Using an entirely traditional style of baking, the Sonoma process is distinct: it takes longer than usual to mix and shape, and takes longer to rise. In fact, one loaf of bread takes around 36 hours from when the starter is first fed to when it’s actually put in the oven and baked.

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