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People are always asking me what they should eat to lose weight or how to get started on a healthy eating plan. When it comes to diet foods, there’s now so many competing offers out there that it can be confusing to know what will work, let alone understanding the quality of the food you’re getting.

I’m approached regularly to endorse diet food products and quite frankly I turn them down as most aren’t what nutritionists eat and don’t meet with my own personal standards for healthy eating! If you’ve been following me for some time, you’d know I believe in fresh, natural food that is prepared simply and deliciously and should be enjoyed rather than just tolerated.

There are many approaches to weight loss or weight maintenance but my advice to clients is always to start with fresh produce and flavour – you’d be surprised how much more satisfied you’ll feel after eating healthy food and how your body can and will naturally create its own balance when you provide it with the right nutrition. But for some that’s easier said than done, so if you want to eat well and lose weight too, the easy way is to let someone else do all the work.

Why I chose to partner with Dietlicious

Dietlicious is one of the few diet meal delivery companies that creates their meals from scratch, using only good quality, wholefood ingredients with no nasty additives or preservatives. It’s as good as home cooking, except that it’s probably better….given that they have a team of chefs at their disposal! Eating Dietlicious food means no shopping, no cooking and no mess at your place and of course, the flavours are delicious and the nutrition gets my seal of approval. They make their meals fresh and then snap-freeze, which locks in the nutrients without the use of any preservatives or nasty additives.

What I would choose from the Dietlicious menu & why

Here’s what I would order from Dietlicious on a typical day if losing weight was my goal. It’ represents what nutritionists eat and is aligned with what I cook myself. If I was maintaining my weight, then I might add in some yoghurt or a slice of cheese during the day, or a couple of squares of dark chocolate as an after-dinner treat.


I’m all for breakfast; I like to fill myself up with something hearty and nutritious first thing as it helps set me up right for a busy day and optimises my productivity and concentration through until lunch. Protein is important for keeping hunger at bay, which is why I like my breakfast to contain a decent serve of it. I also try to get as much fibre and plant foods into me in the morning. Not only do I feel better when my digestive system is happy but I know I’m more likely to reach my overall daily nutrient target this way. Two breakfast dishes that I like from the Dietlicious menu are:

Muesli with Cranberry – this is a good one if I’m on the run as it ticks all the nutritional boxes and is quick to eat at home or I can take it with me. Top it with your favourite milk or yoghurt.

Breakfast Beans with GF Toast – beans are totally underrated for breakfast in my opinion! A meal like this is packed with nutrients and will keep you satisfied well into the morning.

Morning Tea

I do like to dabble in a little morning tea most days, which just tides me over until I eat lunch. It’s usually just a small snack but one that I know adds positively to my daily nutrient intake. Many of us may have been conditioned to thinking that morning and afternoon tea is a treat time, a time to have a couple of choccy bickies and a cuppa, but unfortunately eating snacks that are high in sugar and fat are what we call ‘empty calories’ in that they add to your energy load but don’t add any positive nutrients. They also play havoc with your blood sugar levels which will lead to increased hunger and a sugar crash a short time later. Better choices are things like:

Nuts + Seeds – protein, good fats and a range of vitamins in nuts make them the perfect go-to between meals.

Raw Cacao Ball – if you must have a sweet chocolate fix, this is a perfectly acceptable healthy alternative. It’s made with all natural, nutritious ingredients and is sugar free and portion sized. Will satisfy any craving!

Other excellent snacking options might be half a banana, a handful of berries with a dollop of ricotta, or vege sticks with hummus.


In Summer, I love to eat colourful salads for lunch, made from whatever ingredients I have on hand. Salads with raw ingredients are brimming with fibre, antioxidants and phytonutrients. As long as they are served with a good amount of protein, then you will feel full and satisfied afterwards and won’t be hungry for ages.

During the colder months, I’m more likely to opt for a hearty soup which is warming, wholesome and packed with goodness. It’s a great opportunity to repurpose any leftover vegetables. Plus, being so easy on the digestive system, soup won’t make you feel bloated or heavy.

Mediterranean Tuna Salad – full of nutrients from the salad greens, zesty taste thanks to the olives and dressing, plus protein and omega 3’s from the generous serve of tuna. This salad never fails to please.

Vegetable + Lentil Soup – it doesn’t get much better than this for a light, healthy and appetising lunch. Low in calories and easy on the tummy, I top mine with grated parmesan or croutons for some extra pizzazz.

Afternoon Tea

Ditto my comments from morning tea… try to always opt for a snack that isn’t nutrient-empty or calorie-dense as these aren’t going to make you feel good or help you make it through until dinner. Some healthy options are:

Mixed Berry Smoothie with LSA – a refreshing fruit smoothie will give you a dose of antioxidants and top up your tank until dinnertime. The LSA (ground linseed, sunflower and almond) adds protein and healthy fats to increase your satisfaction.

Coconut Protein Ball – it’s a little bit of indulgence but the portion size is small, it’s made from wholefood ingredients and has no sugar (the sweetness comes from the dates) so you’ll be sailing through the afternoon with this snack.


For me, dinner is a special time with family. Despite the rush of our day, we always try to sit down together and use the time to talk and enjoy eating delicious food. After all, what’s the point of food if you can’t enjoy eating it (and that goes for dieters just as much as anyone else)! What better way to enjoy a meal than to share it with family or friends? Studies have shown many benefits of eating together, such as that we tend to eat better (more vegetables and fruits) and children in particular have a greater sense of security and belonging. Here’s two meals that I like to eat for dinner, as they provide flavour, variety and nourishment as well as comfort:

Greek Lamb with Chickpea + Kumera – it’s tender lamb teamed with nourishing and filling chickpeas and sweet potato cooked in a delicious tomato based saute.

Salmon Chermoula with Spinach + Lemon Oil – fresh and light, this meal is a creative blend of healthful herbs and spices, not to mention nutrients and will leave you feeling energised.


So if you’re looking to lose weight, prevent weight gain or just eat more healthily, take on board some of this advice when planning your menu. Or if you’re after a simple and convenient solution, why not see what Dietlicious has to offer?