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If you are ready to get back on track after what I hope was a leisure filled Easter weekend, here I share my top tips on how to have a healthy week ahead including how to use Easter leftovers.

Tips for getting back on track!

 Get back into a normal eating routine!

If your eating has been all over the place and you feel this is impacting appetite, aim to get back into a normal pattern of eating such as starting the day with a protein rich breakfast and eating small meals every 3-4 hours. This will help to reduce excessive hunger come mealtime, especially if meals have been larger than usual over Easter. As an added bonus, this will also help to support energy levels and concentration.

Keep food simple!
If you have had a fairly indulgent Easter, you are likely to crave simple foods this week. Listen to your cravings and make the most of the amazing produce we have in Australia especially during autumn. A simple plant-based soup, vegetable risotto or salad using protein, your favourite grains and avocado are all easy meals to put together in no time.

Get moving!
There is no better way to boost energy and mood and support a healthy appetite than exercise. If you have taken a few days off over Easter, start slow and choose an exercise regime according to how you are feeling. Let go of any guilt surrounding not moving and focus on the week ahead only.

 Simple ways to use up Easter leftovers

Cooked salmon fillet, turkey or chicken

  • Add to salads as your source of protein
  • have on toast with avocado as a quick breakfast
  • purchase some wholegrain wraps and top with hummus, avocado, salmon/turkey/chicken and salad of choice
  • combine with rice, avocado, rocket, nuts/seeds and herbs for a quick lunch
  • make into salmon patties by combining with cooked and cooled crushed potatoes, shallots, chopped dill, garlic, chill and rolling in hemp seeds or crushed nuts.

Roasted vegetables

  • toss into salads or use in wraps
  • combine with eggs, ricotta, parmesan, herbs and cooked rice and bake as a frittata or make into mini muffins
  • toss with cooked pasta, pesto and rocket as a quick weeknight dinner
  • use as a omelette filling for a satisfying breakfast or light meal

Cooked grains

  • warm with a bit of milk, top with yoghurt, grated pear and hemp seeds for an express breakfast
  • toss into salads for extra fibre and a source of carbohydrates
  • add to patties mixtures to help bind
  • use to stuff vegetables such as capsicum and zucchini for a light plant-based meal