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As the festive season fast approaches many of us lose momentum and motivation to either start a healthy routine or continue our existing healthy routine. If this happens to you year after year and you think any healthy change has to wait until new years today, this year, break the cycle and by using the following tips, learn how to prevent a Christmas blowout!

Schedule your exercise

Avoid leaving it to chance and just like any other important event, schedule in when you will be exercising. Take time out of your busy schedule to prioritise movement because no one else will do it for you! If motivation is lacking, make a pact with a close friend or family member to keep active right now and into the festive season.

Be a mindful drinker

As the end of year celebrations begin the alcohol starts flowing. If you have noticed your Friday and Saturday night glass of wine has extended to a few times during the week also, start consciously thinking about your intake. Many of us use alcohol as a way to unwind and as the end of year fatigue hits, we feel we deserve it. Remember, there are other ways to relax and unwind which in the long run will better serve you health such as going for a walk, talking to a friend, having an Epsom salt bath or drinking herbal tea curled up with your favourite book.

 Take a balanced approach to eating

Around this time of year, the diet mentality and the all or nothing approach starts to kick in. When we start making food choices which we don’t feel good about, a common belief is that our good routine has been blown, Christmas is coming so I may as well keep going and start a diet in the new year. We all know that diets fail and having this mindset is unhealthy. It is possible to enjoy Christmas and eat in a balanced way. If you eat a meal which you feel wasn’t a good choice for you, understand, its ok and your body can handle it. The next best thing to do is to go back to your balanced eating regime at your next meal. Try following this approach from today and see what difference it makes to how you enjoy the Christmas season!

Catch adequate zzzzzz!

Deadlines, parties and late night shopping can all lead to decreased sleep which we think we will be able to catch up on over the Christmas break. Prevention is better than cure and prior to reaching a point where you are falling asleep at your desk or running on 5 shots of coffee to get through the morning, prioritise sleep right now. This may mean saying no to invites if it will lead to disrupted sleep or leaving work emails until the next day, you will be happy you made the right choice when you feel energised and refreshed during the Christmas period and therefore make healthier choices.

Say yes to self-care

Self-care is becoming a bit of a buzzword and for good reason! We often neglect acts of self-care and reserve it for the Christmas period when we think we will have more time. But just like work life balance, self -are doesn’t exist unless you make it happen! Self-care should be a feature of our daily routines, whether it is movement, a relaxing face mask, sitting in your garden alone reading a book or meditating to start the day. Whatever works for you, don’t delay self-care until its too late, start practicing self care today!