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Love News –

By 08/11/2012May 23rd, 2017No Comments

Found You is a Sydney-based dating agency with a holistic difference dedicated to introducing single men and women to their potential life partners.

As Professional Headhunters for the Heart (Matchmakers), Found You’s unique holistic approach is an Australian first – focusing on clients ‘finding themselves’ and being the best person possible before finding their soul mate.

Found You Chief HeartHunter is Clint Salter. After running two successful businesses, working as a Senior Celebrity Agent at The Harry M Miller Group, and as the Company Manager of the hit Musical Jersey Boys, he started work on Found You. Clint believes that people operate at their all-time best if they have a happy, healthy, supportive and respectful partner in their life. The unique matchmaking service offered by Found You provides this for many single men and women throughout Sydney.

“After discovering that many people around me were struggling to find genuine life partners, I decided to do something about it. After my years of working with people and building relationships for them as an agent, friend and mentor I decided to turn my passion for people into a dating agency with a fresh approach.”

The Found You website also has a Blog where Clint writes interesting and fun articles on dating and relationships.

A special $99 introductory offer is available for single Sydney-siders who sign up for Found You’s Matchmaking Service for a limited time. For details, visit