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Health Tips

Is eating the same food for lunch everyday good or bad for you?

By 22/05/2013 No Comments

Is eating the same food for lunch everyday good or bad for you?I have a confession – when I worked in an office I ate the same chickpea salad every day for eighteen months. On rare occasions I’d deviate, for catered meetings or colleague’s birthdays, but 99 per cent of the time I’d chuck the same ingredients in a tupperware box. Every. Single. Morning.

It’s not that I’m totally incompetent in the kitchen, but any meal eaten over a keyboard quickly loses its sheen, so why waste time and money being imaginative?

And I’m not alone in my repetitive eating patterns. In a British study one in three people admitted they tuck into the same lunch every day, some for up to six years straight. I suspect the results would be similar in Australia. I can identify the majority of my friends and ex-colleagues simply by their lunch order.

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