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5 Ways To Volunteer in 2015

It’s no secret volunteering positively impacts the community, however volunteering is a two way street and provides just as many benefits for you, as the group or people you help, and that’s why I am so proud to have been an ambassador for Foodbank for the last year. In 2014 Australia was ranked six in the World Giving Index, showing that we’re a nation who like to do good. Join the other 6 million Aussies who volunteer their time each year and find out how you can increase your happiness, boost your self-esteem and sense of belonging with these tips on ways to volunteering your time:

1. Corporate volunteering 
Charities such as Foodbank NSW/ACT work with companies to help them service over 560 food relief organisations in NSW. Volunteer opportunities include sorting mixed food and grocery items, packing emergency packs and Christmas hampers.

2. Event volunteering
Whether it’s a music festival, cultural event or sporting event like your child’s sport team or national events like the City2Surf, event organisers are always looking for an extra pair of helping hands.

3. Conservation volunteering
Roll up your sleeves and help your community to protect and enhance your local environment by projects such as restoring rainforests, planting trees and maintaining parks and walking tracks. The best part is that it’s a great way to keep active, improve your health and meet like-minded people whilst helping the environment.

4. Skilled volunteering 
If you are qualified in a certain area why not lend your expertise for free and help out a charity who might need those skills. There are a wide range of professions who can be of assistance to not for profit organisations such as marketing, accounting, fundraising, web design, HR, PR and events, mentoring, and law.

5. Emergency volunteering
One of the most important types of volunteering is providing on ground support to your community when a natural disasters strikes such as bushfires, storms and floods. Roles vary but include land search, community outreach, road rescue, traffic management, delivering aid to affected communities and helping to rebuild areas affected by the natural disaster. The Australia Red Cross is always looking for volunteers

As I’ve always believed, if you are happy and healthy on the inside, it will radiate out!