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Party Season  With the party season in full swing, often it’s hard to choose the correct food when you are out or cooking a healthy Christmas meal.

All the canapés and cocktails we drink and eat might look delicious but they will be packed full of calories.

  1. The biggest problem with drinking on an empty stomach is that it destabilises your blood glucose levels. You feel energised, but your energy levels soon dip and you have to drink more to get the sugar high back. So before you reach for the beer, wine or that glass of champagne, have a mineral water or fruit juice. This will not only keep your blood glucose levels balanced it will curb dehydration.
  1. Eating canapés such as sushi and oysters are an excellent alternative to high fat spring rolls. Sushi is high in protein, which will help you feel fuller for longer and is low GI. Raw fish also contains zinc and the seaweed is high in nutrients. Oysters are full of zinc, which helps process alcohol and good fats, essential fatty acid, help stop fat cravings.
  1. When you know you are going to a cocktail party or work function often we eat less throughout the day so we feel less guilty when we eat the food on offer. As a result this increases your appetite and you end up overeating. Eat a snack late in the day that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates such as wholegrain bead, chicken salads, small tin of tuna, salad and avocado wraps, even a packet of raw nuts is better then nothing.
  1. If you find yourself starving at around 1 o’clock in the morning and strangely attached to MacDonald’s, try and wait until you get home. Wholegrain toast with vegemite and avocado is a much better and satisfying option.
  1. A helpfully hangover tip is as soon as you get home drink a 500ml of water and take a Vitamin B supplement. Vitamin B is vital for processing alcohol and will help metabolise the carbohydrates contained in alcohol.