avatarNutritional Edge was a life-changing catalyst for me and has helped me overcome challenges in terms of lifestyle and diet, whilst taking me to a whole new level of understanding and self-discipline.

Yvonne Coburn
avatarWithout reservation, Nutritional Edge is brilliant. The information and knowledge gained is with you and your family for life. Zoe's approach is sincere, realistic, and most of all, easy!

Ash Turner
avatarAfter attending two of Zoe's cooking classes, she taught me that food is exciting and need not be boring. Since then I prepare a number of courses and are continuously experimenting; and,what's more, am enjoying the whole process. Vive la cuisine.

Robert John
avatarI found each session of ‘How to Love Food’ full of really informative and interesting information. It made sense and I had fun along the way as well. I got a lot out of the five weeks, though I lost a lot too – fat, that is! Bravo Zoe!

Brooke Tabberer
avatarHealthy living is a priority to me and with Zoe’s advice I have refined my health knowledge. I am now armed with the tools to create food that is easy to make, a joy to eat, and a great benefit to my wellbeing.

Erika Heynatz
avatarIt's not so much about what you can and cannot eat – you can find that information anywhere. It's about the motivation and feedback that a good nutritionist, such as Zoe can provide.

Chau Tong
avatarZoe's nutritional experience within the sporting industry and, specifically, rugby league is a wonderful resource for our game. She is approachable, and presented a guided link between good eating and good performance required for these children to become the peak rugby league players they dream to be.

John Wilson
avatarZoe’s cooking classes are fantastic! She shows you how to create simple, nutritious meals and how to incorporate healthy foods into your diet. The classes are educational and fun, and best of all you get to enjoy a delicious meal at the end! I would recommend Zoe’s classes to anyone wanting to learn how to prepare quick, tasty, nutritious meals and tips on how to eat well. Zoe’s passion for good food and health is very inspiring!

Kate Drabsch
avatarI went to Zoe expecting to be put on a diet. Instead what happened was a complete change in my attitude to food which not only has resulted in a loss of weight but more importantly to a much healthier lifestyle. I FEEL better, have more energy and am regularly told how well I look. Zoe is not just a nutritionalist, she is a coach, mentor and motivator and going to her was one of the best decisions I have made. Thanks Zoe.

Sonja Morgan
Since buying your cookbook at a lesson last year I have mastered quite a few of your recipes. In fact, tonight I had my family over and did the ocean trout with creamy avocado sauce and was told I should go on MasterChef! Think you should take that as a huge compliment! I did the same dish with salmon for my in-laws a couple of weeks ago and rumour is that I'm serving up restaurant quality food so I'm definitely keen to expand my recipe base and your new recipes sound great. Looking forward to seeing you at the May class.

Lauren Cursa, busy mother of three
avatarDuring my pregnancy I followed a custom eating and nutrition plan devised by my clever friend Zoe. Her plan and recipes helped support me and my baby in each important trimester. I also attended one of her fun cooking classes. Best investment in health I've ever made.

Bahar Etminan
Entrepreneur and Owner of www.RESUC.com
avatarWhile so many experts create a fear of food in people by over-emphasising what to avoid and what they mustn't have, Zoe’s refreshing approach educates her clients in a way that encourages a renewed curiosity, passion and understanding of health & nutrition. Her program “Falling in love with food” emphasises that food is not the devil by celebrating how it fuels our every happiness & capacity to function in life and be at our best.

Erika Heynatz
Actress from Home and Away
avatarFrom my sessions with Zoe, I was able to adopt long-term eating habits and an improved self-discipline that I continue to apply everyday, even when faced with eating out and travelling frequently. Her enthusiasm and insight into healthy eating is infectious and she manages to avoid any sense of deprivation in her approach.

Karin Upton Baker
Business woman and mother of two teenaged boys
avatarZoe has a depth of knowledge in the field of wellness and good nutrition that has assisted me to make huge changes in my lifestyle and my relationship with food. I now understand the huge connection between the gut and brain and since completing her program and reading her brilliant materials I am able to live life in a vital and engaged way. I can't thank Zoe enough for feeding me back to good health.

Yvonne Coburn
Mother and ex-lawyer

Ash Turner
Digital Content Producer - Southern Cross Austereo, Producer - Macquarie Radio Network
avatarMy mum is Italian, I am passionate about food, I love to eat!! As the years go by the weight is harder to shed and I am more intrigued about healthy eating. I have been seeing Zoe for many years now and her style is unique, Zoe has an ability to simplify things in a way that makes sense. She excites me and motivates me to be creative in a way that is quick and easy and the food is healthy and delicious and not a chore.

Rod Jamieson
Client Manager - FDC Construction & Fitout
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“Nutritional Edge was a life-changing catalyst for me and has helped me overcome challenges in terms of lifestyle and diet, whilst taking me to a whole new level of understanding and self-discipline”.

Yvonne Coburn


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