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Zoe has a philosophy that food is to be enjoyed and she shows this through innovative recipes.

During her time at the Le Cordon Bleu School in London, Zoe learned Parisian cooking. She was surrounded by many amazing culinary artists, and ate a lot of food along the way. But all the while, she noticed an amazing thing: despite all the eating and enjoyment of food, her waist size actually went down! She started looking trimmer, slimmer and feeling healthier and more vibrant than she ever had.

Zoe coupled her scientific nutritional learning with the principles she learned overseas and the result is Eat Taste Nourish, a unique and practical book that teaches you about functional nutrition and how to sustain a happy relationship with food for life.

Zoe uses the concepts and recipes from Eat Taste Nourish when working with high profile people. In fact, some of Australia’s most recognisable movie stars have had their healthy lifestyle regimes developed by Zoe, using content from this publication.

Zoe Bingley-Pullin Eat Nourish Taste

Zoe’s previous book Eat Nourish Taste is also available on our online store.


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"I found each session of ‘How to Love Food’ full of really informative and interesting information. It made sense and I had fun along the way as well. I got a lot out of the five weeks, though I lost a lot too – fat, that is! Bravo Zoe!"

Brooke Tabberer


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